Shop Internships (Ongoing)

Edgewood Made is seeking creative, intelligent and hardworking people to assist in many aspects of the design and building of a wide variety of our products. Our interns will process materials with the appropriate machines and tools to make components, aid in assembly and preparation for finishing. 

You will gain first-hand knowledge and experience of working in a professional shop producing high-quality products. Challenges within the building and design process will strengthen your problem-solving skills and knowledge of materials. This position will provide opportunities to try new techniques, push materials and participate in our innovative processes that combine traditional craft tools and skills with modern technologies and machinery.

Availability and hours are flexible.


  • Engaged, hard-working, individual with a strong desire to create quality products.
  • Knowledge of material properties (ceramics, wood, and/or metal)
  • Some experience with appropriate machines and tools to perform work.

How to apply

To apply submit a cover letter, resume, and portfolio samples to the contact information below. Feel free to include any additional materials for consideration.

Contact: David Short